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Scatter gun or join-the-dots – what’s your marketing style?

I see it regularly with clients – the scatter gun marketing style.

What do I mean?

Imagine a dart board and you’re throwing darts for the first time. You’re likely to land your darts all over the place, maybe even miss the board all together and hit the wall! You might have some beginners luck and hit the bullseye but it’s unlikely to happen again.

Your marketing is a bit hit and miss.

You’re ‘doing’ lots of marketing but you’re not getting the results or impact you’d hoped for.

Your marketing activity is sporadic, inconsistent and full of mixed messages.

Compare this to join-the-dots marketing style.

What do I mean?

Think about drawing a picture, one that only appears when you join all the dots in the correct order. When you have a framework and look at the bigger picture.

Your marketing is strategic and planned.

You’re doing lots of marketing and you’re getting the results or impact you’d hoped for – plus you’re measuring key metrics.

So, what's your marketing style? Be honest.

The scatter gun style is one of the most common marketing mistakes I see and hear from clients.

And it’s often a reason their marketing isn’t working.

How to move from scatter gun to join-the-dots

  1. Define your marketing purpose – what are you trying to achieve with your marketing activity?

  2. Align your marketing to your overall business goals – your marketing activity should help your business move forward.

  3. Think more strategically – look at the bigger picture and make sure you’ve got a good handle on the marketing fundamentals (see my 4Cs framework below).

  4. Each piece of your marketing activity should lead to another – e.g., your social media to generate interest/engagement, your lead magnet or low offer to generate warm leads, your ‘core’ product or service to convert business, your follow up or nurture activity to encourage customer loyalty and repeat business.

  5. Measure and monitor your marketing impact or results – know what marketing activity is working (or not) and what might need improved or developed.

If you’d like some help moving towards a join-the-dots marketing style then I offer 1:1 marketing strategy sessions and a group programme, The Marketing Kickstarter. If you’d like to know more about either service please drop me a DM or email

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