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If you’re like me, you want to get to know someone before you work with them! So, what can I tell you? 

I like helping people. Tell me about your business or marketing approach and I’ll give you as much support, advice and resources as you can manage!


I’m friendly. I want you to feel comfortable, to be open and honest with me about your business and to feel no question is silly. That said, I’ll be straight with you and may challenge some of your ideas.   

I’m realistic. Everybody and every business is different. My marketing recommendations and services will be based on you and your business. I’ll take into account the time, resources, budget and commitment you have available.


I've got the experience. With over 20 years in the marketing profession, I've got experience across a broad range of sectors, industries and organisations. I've worked in large corporates with big budgets and small businesses with shoe string budgets. Plus I've run my own business (twice) so chances are I've been where you are right now! 

I'm based in Edinburgh. My homage to Scotland is in my business name. ‘Belter’ is a Scottish adjective meaning something that's great, of quality or admirable. And that’s what marketing should be.

I believe in a work/life balance. Outside of work I’m kept busy with my husband, two children and our cavapoo. I also like reading, writing and the odd run!

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